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We are proud of our client relationships. And we’re proud to share the observations of those who know best what it’s like to work with Nations First Home Mortgage.

It takes a high bar to impress me and especially to write a letter about an excellent experience. Roger and his team met that bar and went beyond what a typical Mortgage Company would do. Several neighbors were refinancing their homes and one mentioned that it was worth looking into. I was skeptical for a number of reasons including that I just purchased the house 6 months prior and the closing cost involved with refinancing. After assurances from my neighbor that there wouldn’t be closing cost and the rate made it worth referencing I decided to call Roger. He went over the process, running an application and setting up an appraisal. Things seemed to be going along as planned and the appraiser came out to the house. He asked about upgrades, walked around the house, asked a few questions and left. A few days later Roger called and wanted to meet. He said that the appraisal had come back low mainly due to some builder close out sales that occurred within the past 6 months. We also noticed that the square footage of the house was approximately 1,500 feet fewer than the appraisal from closing. As we discussed the situation, I thought we would not be able to refinance and I’d be out the cost of the appraisal. It’s at this point that I really became impressed with Roger. He said that he would pay for another appraisal out of his own pocket. He had seen a situation like this one before and felt confident we could still get the refinance done. The second appraiser arrived and I let him know about the builder close outs and provided a list of the upgrades to the house. Success! The appraisal came back in line with the rest of the houses in the neighborhood and the refinance could be done. Roger still covered all the closing cost and even navigated through another small issue on the day of closing. I would recommend Roger and Nations First Home Mortgage, Inc. to anyone in the market for a mortgage. Thank you, Jeffrey Dovedot
Jeffery Dovedot, Refinance


Tejas was my loan officer on my first home purchase and he was guiding me through every step of the way and made sure that nothing was left behind and everything was submitted on time if not earlier. He will make sure we are ready with everything that the underwriters would ask, thus giving enough time for collecting all the required documents. Glad that I was referred to Tejas, and no doubt I will be referring Tejas to everyone in my circle.
Venkat Gandra, Purchase
Tejas and Roger did a wonderful job refinace my home. Closing process was hassle free, they were on time and efficiant. I definitely recomend this team. thank you everything you did.
Kalpna Duv, Refinance


Here’s my story. I presently own a house and was in the process of buying a new home in cumming as a primary residence, once the closing is done i have planned to sell the existing home and move to the new one. I started the loan process with Sebonic financial (4 week closing time) & everything went smooth until the end, just 1 day before the closing date the underwriter denied approving the loan. They were aware of everything from the beginning. My selling agent Sekhar Tadiparthi was very much helpful in finding the proper resources, he got me in touch with Roger (amazing guy), he assured me that he can close it in 3 weeks i couldn’t believe it as all the lenders take minimum 4 weeks of time. He was honest and sincere in his approach, no hidden costs. The required documentation process etc was so quick by the end of 2 weeks he calls me and asks if i am ready to close early, sellers weren’t ready to close early so we got to stick to 3 weeks closing date. 1 day before the closing when i looked at the CD the seller contributions were missing since i never provided him the details. He worked closely with agent, closing attorney and underwriter, and made all the necessary changes by next day morning so that we were able to close as planned. I have no words to praise him and his team for such an efficient job.
Madhu Sahaj, Purchase


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